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Welcome to htmlHQ

A site dedicated to helping people produce simple effective Web pages.

htmlHQ started out as a site for newcomers to HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). Presenting simple effective design tutorials is still our primary focus, however, in response to user enquiries we have expanded our HTML coverage to include step-by-step tutorials for basic cascading style sheets (CSS) and for a couple of useful javascript scripts.

Why use basic design?

Clearly displayed, relevant content and simple, effective navigation are the two most important elements of a good Web page. These elements can both be produced using basic html. If producing a simple effective Web page is your goal then our step-by-step tutorials, with full code examples, will help you achieve it.

So why don't companies use basic design?

The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 (it's not even 20 years old!). Berners-Lee originally conceived it as a means for sharing scientific information but it didn't take long for individuals to begin using it and for companies to recognize its business potential.

Web pages rapidly became an integral part of a company's corporate image and consequently developers were pushed to produce bigger, better and more attractive Web pages. e-Commerce then drove developers to produce increased functionality on those pages.

Sophisticated design is best then?

Today the majority of pages seen by a Web user are slick, professionally produced documents calling on sophisticated coding techniques. These pages may have become more visually interesting but there has been little or no improvement in the information that they provide. Substance and functionality,in some cases, have even taken a back-seat to style.

So basic design is best then?

No, appropriate design is what's best. If you run an online business with a Web page as your store front you need to have a professional looking site with sophisticated e-Commerce coding. However, if you are hosting a few family snapshots or a site for a hobby group or classroom, a basic layout is best. Even the most sophisticated professional design will not make the information or pictures any more useful or compelling, in practice, it may even detract from your information.

Blah, blah, blah, when can I start?

Is now too soon?

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